Stonepath Studio

Stonepath Textile Studio

My work is about “what if?...”

What if I used this color against that color, this texture or that size yarn, what if I use this pattern?
Interlacing threads is a never ending “what if…”

Learning to weave, taking workshops, weaving production, teaching, showing my own work in galleries---with our move to Whidbey Island Washington in 2005, I now have the opportunity to offer my handwoven and hand braided items for sale on a regular basis. I have been weaving for over 30 years using a computer-assisted loom which allows me to explore simple to complex pattern. more...

Over the years I have learned many different hand braiding patterns. I was intrigued when I learned that there were braiding stands used in Japan, which offers a more efficient way to make longer, wider and more complex braids. more...

Janis Saunders

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